Easy Waxing? Waxaway Aquawax Roll On Kit review

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I’ve been too lazy to deal with the whole hubbub of waxing – carrying hot wax from the microwave to the bathroom and trying to slather it on with a paddle pop stick is something I can only be bothered doing twice a year. I’d given up on waxing entirely and gave away all my remaining wax when I saw Waxaway’s new Aquawax Roll On Kit.


There’s a few reasons why this convinced me to give waxing another try:

Thin wax cartridge – Thin means faster heating – the directions say to heat for no more than 10 seconds. Super quick!

Roller applicator – No more rough wooden spatulas! There are three sizes in the kit: a fat one about 4 cm wide that’s great for legs, a medium one about 1 cm wide that’s good for bikini line and awkward areas, and a slim one about 3 mm wide that’s made for eyebrows and facial hair.


Water soluble wax – One of the most annoying things about waxing for me is running my hands down my smooth legs afterwards and getting stuck on a stick patch of residual wax. Not an issue with water soluble wax! And cleanup is easy – just soak everything in warm water.

Since my microwave is downstairs and my bathroom is upstairs, I tried sitting the cartridge in a mug of hot water instead of using the microwave, and it worked pretty well.

I’m not sure if I’ll have the motivation to try again next month, but this waxing session was a lot less frustrating than I remember!

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3 thoughts on “Easy Waxing? Waxaway Aquawax Roll On Kit review”

  1. This is very handy! I tend to get wax everywhere when I do it myself and then fur and fluff get stuck to it all haha. I also find it annoying when there’s left over wax on the skin that even the wax removal oil can’t seem to get off!

  2. I use Parissa sensitve skin wax strips and i really like it. Its not as messy. It says no heat needed but I usually heat it up for a few seconds with a blow dryer. Works great. And i usually use coconut oil to help get rid of the extra wax residue.


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