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As some of you may know, I’m in Europe again for a couple of months. Luckily before I left, I went to a beauty event where I managed to stock up on a bunch of handy travel-friendly products from McPherson’s, who own many of the brands you’ll find in Aussie chemists as well as your local Priceline. Here are my essential travel picks:

1. Wipes – Wipes are my #1 must-have for travelling. They’re great for cleaning your face, but also good for mopping up spills, cleaning cutlery, and even work as a makeshift shower in a pinch! Swisspers Cucumber Facial Cleansing Wipes ($6 for 25 wipes) is the latest brand I’m trying. They’re good for sensitive skin and feel seriously refreshing.

2. Gel foot cushions – Touristing means walking, and walking means sore feet – as well as my trusty insoles, I’ve packed some Footcare Gel Ball of Foot Cushions ($8.99 for 2 pairs) for emergencies and big nights out.

3. Brush cleaning spray – This is handy if you’re using something that you can’t use your fingers for, like eyeshadow, but don’t have access to a sink. Artiste Brush Cleaner ($14.95) isn’t as thorough as my beloved Daiso brush cleanser, but it’s quick and will tide you over until your next deep clean.

4. Face mask sachets – My face freaks out when the weather changes, and after a bunch of long flights with dry recycled air, my skin is feeling in need of some TLC. I’ve packed a couple of cult UK brand Montagne Jeunesse’s masks ($3.95) to try – the sachets slot easily into luggage, but if you have space, the multi-use tottles ($8.99) are even better value.

5. Nail polish remover wipes – I never used to be a believer in nail polish remover wipes, but then I tried these and they were surprisingly effective – possibly better than non-acetone remover. There’s also the added bonus of not smelling too strongly of solvent, so your travel companions will thank you! Manicare’s Nail Polish Remover Pads in Black Vanilla ($4.95) smell gorgeous, without only the barest trace of solvent stink.

6. Tweezers – I’m lost without a good pair of tweezers! My favourites are slant tweezers, which are good for everything. These are my 4th pair of Manicare Ultimate Slant Tweezers ($12.95) – I also have a bunch of Tweezerman ones, but these are far less painful for my wallet and are almost as good (just a little harder to grip the really fine hairs).

7. Hair elastics – I lose these everywhere, so I have a fresh pack of Lady Jayne Snagless Elastics ($6.19 for 18) for my stay in Europe. I also packed an easy-to-use silver Lady Jayne Metal Ponytail Cuff ($9.99) to make me look like I’ve put in effort despite jet lag.

8. Facial skincare oil – I’m not complete without a face oil. I love them for travelling as they work as a 2-in-1 treatment and moisturiser. I’m taking a fresh bottle of Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ ($29.95) for this trip.

I’ve packed a lot more than this for my trip ($30 worth of instant noodles, for example) and actually managed to max out my luggage allowance! I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anything. What are your travel essentials?

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  1. Little did you know when writing this post that you’d forgot AHA! Noooooo! Lol I loved that meme on your insta. Travel sized products are the cutest – and greatest too!

  2. Nice post! I packed similar things but minus the face oil and brush cleaner. For some reason I completely forgot to pack my brushes so you could imagine my face when I went to do my makeup at the hotel lol. At every airport I went through I had issues with my liquids in carry on! It got more intense as I went along. So annoying!


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