My winter skincare regimen

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Since winter’s started I’ve found that my usual skincare hasn’t quite been up to scratch, so I’ve been adding some extras in to combat dryness and irritation, especially on my face and cuticles. There’s a running theme of glycerin in theses products – my skin just loves glycerin-based moisturisers! Here’s what I’ve tried recently, on my face and body.


My boyfriend laughs at my nightly face regimen and I’ll admit, it may be overkill, but if I skip a step my skin gets even grumpier than usual. After washing, I turn my face into a layer-cake in the following order (waiting between layers):
– Benzoyl peroxide on pimply areas (usually just my chin, from all the new products I’ve been trialling)
– BHA or AHA every second night
– Oil
– Serum
– Moisturiser

Phew! Obviously my skin doesn’t want me to get enough sleep, because during the day, it’s happy with just a serum under a BB cream. Here are some products I’ve been enjoying:

Kosmea Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost  and La Mav Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar (also reviewed here) – I alternate these two with rose hip oil at the “oil” step for really lovely skin in the morning. They work great for dry-skinned girls too!

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum – Jurlique is my bestie’s (Law Croissant) favourite brand. This stuff is out on August 12th and it’s amazing – it’s like an overnight facial, and smells of rose petals. It’s my night time staple.

Burt’s Bees Radiance Serum – I usually get by without using any moisturiser under my makeup during the day, but for winter my skin’s a bit of a whiny biatch, so I use this matte serum under a BB cream to calm the flakies.

NIVEA Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream – This glycerin-rich moisturiser plumps my skin beautifully overnight, but might be a bit too weak for girls with drier skin. And it’s gentle on the wallet!

Mary Kay TimeWise Plus+ Regena-Firm Correcting Eye Cream – I don’t usually use eye cream, and I’m not sure if it’s even necessary to have a separate eye cream, but the applicator on this tube is really handy for applying moisturiser in the sensitive eye area, especially when I still have benzoyl peroxide or hydroxy acids on my fingers.

Lush Mint Julips – This is part of my cleansing regimen more than anything – I packed this tub myself after watching it being made at a Lush event recently (how nice is my sticker placement, hey? Hey?). It’s got three main ingredients – caster sugar, jojoba oil and flavour – and is a must for me in the dry Australian winter, especially if I’m planning to wear lipstick.


Unlike my face, my body is perfectly happy to have me not fiddle with it 90% of the time, but even my super oily skin can’t quite handle the middle of winter, especially my poor abused cuticles. I use lotions on my legs year-round (more for the scents than for moisturising purposes), but winter demands some extra TLC:

NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion – The concept of this is similar to Lush Ro’s Argan Conditioner, but less scented (I love the scent but it’s so strong that it gets nauseating) and more budget-friendly (it feels like a waste to wash Ro’s down the drain). The target market for this moisturiser is busy mums who don’t have time to wait for moisturiser to dry, but despite that being decidedly not-me, I’ve found it very handy. Regular moisturisers need to be massaged in, which is always tricky in those hard-to-reach places, and particularly in winter, my back gets really itchy from dryness. Since this doesn’t need rubbing in, I can slop the moisturiser onto my handy pouffe stick from Daiso to get my back moisturised, spread it around a little, then rinse off the excess to avoid mess on my clothes. The regular version is just right for me. This will be available instore next week.

This guy!

Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream – This doesn’t smell as nice as the hand creams I usually use, but this lasts longer than most (including through gentle hand washing, as advertised!) and is conveniently non-greasy.

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm (review) and Olieve and Olie Olive Oil Lip Balm (review) – I’ve been using the Neutrogena lip balm on my cuticles on Fashion Polish’s recommendation, and have started using the Olieve and Olie lip balm for the same purpose. I use them on my lips too – these are definitely successful two-in-one products!

What do you use to protect your skin in winter? Leave me recs in the comments below!
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13 thoughts on “My winter skincare regimen”

  1. I’ve been loving Daiso’s Royal Jelly serum! It dries super quick so I mix it with my rosehip oil! Not sure if there are any noticeable results but I still really liked it! I’ve been so slack this winter lol I can’t be bothered moisturising so I just opt for moisturising body washes! Great post

  2. Love these kind of posts. I’m really enjoying the In-Shower Lotion too! I’ve already bought a back up online (it’s available off Priceline already but not in some stores) because I never wanna run out! I love the sound of some of the serums especially the Burt Bees 🙂


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  4. Oh my! This post rocks. I love BB cream so much. I’ve been using this for a year now. This helps me get the great facial skin whatever season there is. I also believe that eating fruits and vegetables and going natural help in giving us the best skin that we want. Thanks for sharing this awesome article.


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