My top 8 of 2011

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These are the 8 health/beauty things I couldn’t do without this year, in no particular order:

1. Seche Vite – quick dry, smudge-fixing, shiny goodness.
2. Shea butter – all-round awesome moisturiser. I use it straight out of the tub, but I’ll probably scent and whip it soon.

3. Eyeliner brush – I do all my nail art and polish cleanup with this. Hairs are starting to fall out by the dozen, probably due to the ridiculous amount of acetone that goes on it. Unfortunately it’s an old brush of my mum’s and she can’t remember where she bought it 🙁

4. Yoghurt – so good for your body! Also makes good masks.
5. Bimatoprost – the active ingredient in Latisse and Careprost. My lashes have grown from stubble to over 1 cm long – as long as my eyelash extensions were! Love.
6. Stretching – doing this daily is so relaxing and makes me feel balanced. Plus, you can do it anywhere. Try it!
7. Wheat bags – my sore muscles love this, as does my recurring hip injury. 
8. IKEA vanilla scented candles – mmmm. Relaxation heaven. My favourite is the small Tindra in a glass. So yummy and so cheap – $3.99! I loved it so much I bought a pillar candle and tealights as well.

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2 thoughts on “My top 8 of 2011”

  1. Could you please do a video/Reddit post covering the pros and cons of using Careprost on eyes? Because there seems to be a lot of talk out there on it darkening eyes, reducing fat around the eyes etc., and skeptics like me would want to know your verdict on it! Much thanks in advance 🙂

    • That’s a good idea! It’s now on my to-write list… which is unfortunately quite long so I can’t promise anything, but I did use it for a while so I have a bit of info on it!


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