Eco Friendly Products? Zero Co Review

Zero Co Facebook Ad

My name is Michelle, I’m a millennial and I’m the opposite of a domestic goddess. And Facebook can obviously tell, because they’ve been serving me up Zero Co ads. Their branding is pretty much catnip for millennials. Obviously, I bought the whole set. I’ve now tried them all and I thought I’d review them because I think it’s a cool example …

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Are soy candles soot-free?

I’m a scented candle hoarder, and on my travels through the candle-buying world I often see claims that soy wax doesn’t produce soot. This is completely false. No fuel can, in and of itself, be “soot-free”. Here’s why: Riaan Badenhorst The technical term for burning is combustion – as well as fires, this includes the burning of petrol inside motor …

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Make-up organisation bonanza!

Make-up organisation has not been my strong point. My organisational style is best described as “ambitious, but fickle”, and my room is usually an explosion of shiny things and packaging detritus. And naturally, the pointy and breakable things have a knack of finding themselves under my feet. So I was super excited when I recently received a mini make-up box …

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