Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner review

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I was so excited to try out Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner, which will be released in Australia June 27th. I’m a massive fan of gel liner, but carting a many gel brush around is a massive pain so I’ve been using pencil liner lately (smudge city 80% of the time).

What it is: gel liner in windup form. “Huh?” I thought to myself at first. “How does that work?”

It’s surprisingly simple, really. A clicky winding end (like the one on YSL Touche Eclat and similar products) pushes the squishy gel liner to the tip. The tip is a rubber sleeve that ends in a slanted hole, and the gel comes out the hole for you to apply, much like a fountain pen. The lid screws on so it doesn’t slip off or dry the product out. Genius!

The selling point is that it’s easy to use, and to that I say – yes and no. There are a lot of awesome things about it, but I hit a few speed bumps on the way…

– No need to carry a manky brush around with your pot of gel, and no need to juggle 3 things while reapplying liner on the go.
– Dries quick and stays put. No smearing issues for me at all, although I’ve heard some people have had worse luck.
– Does really thin lines, does thick lines (just rotate the pen).

– If you have wrinkly lids like me, this will be fiddly to use. You *need* both hands for this – one to draw and one to pull the lid taut. No emergency on-the-go eyeliner reapplication.
– It’s a bit tricky to get a consistent flow of liner – really easy to dispense too much (fallout) or not enough (patchy bits).

Because of my wrinkly and oily lids, I found it hard to get a smooth solid line – it definitely takes more work on my eyes than the one-fluid-motion that they advertise.

I’m a huge fan of the concept, but the one-motion-eyeliner deal just doesn’t work on my eyes. I can still use it like a brush and gel liner pot, which still has the advantage of juggling less components, but I’m a bit sad that it just doesn’t work with my anatomy. I expect that this product will be great if your lashline is quite smooth and your skin is on the dry side, but for me, I’ll just be keeping it for emergency touch-ups on-the-go.

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7 thoughts on “Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner review”

  1. This is what I thought with this product. I’ve always opted for smudged liner effect because my lid anatomy just doesn’t cooperate with most pencils, applicators, or what have you. I feel that it’s going to be the same with this product. My lids can tug even the creamiest of liners

  2. I have heard so much hype around this product and I am not sure how well it will work. I probably will pick one up after it comes out and give it a go. I have only ever found one liquid liner that I can really use well (the Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner) but other than that it has been all about the pencils.

  3. This looks like a cool concept but it does sound difficult to use! My eyes don’t lend well to eyeliner application either 🙁

  4. Hmmmmm an interesting new product! I’ve been loving the felt tip liner at the moment and only sometimes reach for the gel liner. This might also be hard for me to use. Luckily, I rarely apply liner elsewhere than home.
    xxx Kat @ Katness


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