Permanent Marker Nail Art Tutorial (aka I’m Nail MacGyver!)

I feel like I’ve been on fire with DIY nail things lately! Here’s my latest discovery – how to successfully use permanent marker on your nails. I’m not too shabby with a fine brush (years of weighing out micrograms in a lab will do that to you), but I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to just throw …

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Artsy Wednesday: Sponging


The theme this week is sponging. I did a simple sponged gradient with ulta3 Berry over Rimmel Lively Lilac, which is the least lively purple I’ve seen to be honest! For my sponged gradients I’ve been using a dishwashing sponge – they’re so cheap I don’t feel bad throwing them out after one mani. I want to try more interesting …

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Artsy Wednesday: Greyscale

I’m not going to lie – I got lazy this week 😛 I was going to have something different on each nail, but my ideas just didn’t come together. This is ulta3 Lily White sponged over ulta3 Metal using clingwrap (saran wrap, clingfilm, etc.). It’s a new technique for me, so there’s something! It’s very easy, and the result was …

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