All About Cleansing & How to Choose a Gentle Cleanser

What Makes a Gentle Cleanser? All About Gentle Cleansing

Gone are the days of harsh cleansers that dried out your skin – everyone’s getting into gentle cleansers! What’s the science behind gentle cleansing, and how do you pick a gentle cleanser? Here’s the scientific background behind this skin-loving trend! Want more about the science behind choosing and using the right cleansers, moisturiser and sunscreen for your skin? Check out …

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Ceramides in Skincare: QV Intensive with Ceramides Range

QV Intensive with Ceramides Range

This post is sponsored by QV. If you have dry skin, ceramides are an ingredient that deserve more of your attention. Here’s what they are, what they’re good for, and an overview of the QV Intensive with Ceramides range. What are ceramides? Ceramides are oily substances that are naturally found in the top layer of your skin, the stratum corneum. …

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