Blogger Spotlight: Beautiful With Brains


Welcome to another installment of the Blogger Spotlight series! Today’s interview is with Gio of Beautiful With Brains – when I was coming up with names for my blog way back when, “Beautiful With Brains” was on the list but she got it first! Her blog is a fantastic read and has been a big inspiration for me, with ingredient …

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Blogger Spotlight: Musical Houses


This is the first in a series where I’ll be featuring interviews with some of my favourite bloggers – the ones who were nice enough to reply to my email anyway! 🙂 As you probably know, I love blogs that come at beauty from a scientific angle, and Of Faces and Fingers by Musical Houses is one of the best. …

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Guest Post on The Toast!

Surfactants Are Everywhere, aka Stop Being Terrified of Chemicals

In case I haven’t already managed to bombard you with this on other channels, an article I wrote was just published on The Toast, about surfactants and not being scared of chemicals. I’m very proud of it – click through here to read more! (I have to add a special thanks to the lovely and talented Cassie of Reluctant Femme …

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Nail blogger secrets for pretty nails 6: Don’t go it alone (epilogue)

Here’s the final part of the Nail Blogger Secrets series (though there may be some addenda in the future). If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the other installments (links at the bottom of this post). Every polish journey is different, so I’m not going to tell you how to go about your glittery bidness. Except for this. …

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Science bonus: Hair repair!

Yesterday, big name cosmetic science blog The Beauty Brains answered my question on which hair products actually repair (rather than just protect) your damaged hair! Check it out here.