Luxcurly Lux Natural Curling Iron review


My hair does not curl. It’s just a fact of life that I’ve accepted over the years – I’ve tried curling with a straightener, with regular curling tongs, wire curlers, you name it – my hair just wants nothing to do with it. I recently tried sleeping in sponge curlers – as well as looking really dumb, it somehow actually …

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Project 100 Pan: Empties 71-80

More empties! I’ve been powering through samples while I’ve been in Europe, but unfortunately I’ve been buying a lot too. How can I not – so many new products to try! But I do feel proud of the fact I’m actually using products up these days, instead of using 2/3 of a bottle then leaving it to rot away in …

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Project Pan Empties #31-40

Yep… still going with my mission to use up all the things! Here are 10 more empties, I’m inching slowly to the halfway mark… 31. Lush Dream Cream – I received this as part of a prize last year, and finally used this massive tub up… just to receive another one at a recent blogger event! It’s very very good, …

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