Interview with Deciem (The Ordinary) Chief Scientific Officer and Dr Davin Lim

deciem interview

Dr Davin Lim and I sat down with Deciem’s Chief Scientific Officer Prudvi Kaka (PK) very early one morning (well, early for me at least – Davin gets up before dawn and PK’s in Canada). What we covered: 0:53 Do you use your own products? Which ones? 1:07 What’s your skincare routine? 1:22 Who does Deciem’s formulations? 2:11 How do …

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Interview: Deciem’s Nicola Kilner and Minh Lawton

Video Deciem Interview

I recently had the chance to talk to Deciem’s CEO and Co-Founder Nicola Kilner and Education Associate for Australia Minh Lawton – here’s the edited interview! We covered a range of topics, including how they started in the skincare industry, which Deciem products are underrated, their personal favourite products, their skincare routines, what’s coming to Deciem next year, and what it’s like …

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