Eyebrow Microblading: How It Works and Before & After

Eyebrow Microblading Review + Before & After

I recently got my eyebrows microbladed, after years of trying to draw them on consistently. You might have noticed them in my YouTube videos and selfies – I’ve gotten so many unsolicited compliments on them! Brows are probably the thing I find the most annoying in my make-up routine, and I’m not alone. Even drag queens who do their own …

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Face of Australia Precision Brow Pencil review


Having undyed East Asian hair means your brow pencils need a strong grey tone to make sure your brows don’t look like face paint. I’ve been using The Face Shop’s Love ME:EX Design My Eyebrow pencil exclusively because it’s next to impossible to find a brown brow pencil in-store in Australia that’s affordable and doesn’t pull red (Korean brands have …

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Korean Gray-Brown Brow Pencil Comparison


I have undyed East Asian hair, so it’s hard to find a good brow product in stores in Australia. Luckily the Asian beauty market has it covered with tons of grey-brown options! I couldn’t find many comparison swatches online so I ended up buying a whole stack of “Gray Brown” pencils from a range of Korean brands (The Face Shop, …

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Crop Natural Skincare Cosmetics Review


Crop Natural Skincare launched their skincare range in Coles late last year, and now they’re launching a cosmetics range. It’s surprisingly comprehensive, with 28 new products (including a brush). Natural Mineral Pressed Blush ($24 for 10 g) – One quad, Bouquet, in a black compact with a clear window Natural Mineral Pressed Bronzer ($24 for 10 g) – One quad, …

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Korean cosmetics haul

I’ve been skeptical of Asian cosmetics and skincare for a long time, mainly because I can’t read the ingredients labels. But I recently discovered CosDNA, a database which contains the ingredients listings for thousands of Korean products, and armed with that info, I went on a haul just before I left Australia. The main thing I like about Asian cosmetics …

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Rave review: Benefit Gimme Brow

Brows are such a pain in the arse. I specifically grew my fringe so I wouldn’t have to deal with them. That’s a lie, actually – it’s also because I have a freakishly large forehead, but the brows were a big factor too. And after years of hearing my beauty-obsessed friends talk about how brows are the most important facial …

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