Project Pan Empties #11-20

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If you’re wondering – yes, my Project Pan, where I attempt to use up lots of products and clear out space for new stuff (see my original post here), is still going strong. I got through No Buy February with only one lapse (I really needed falsies), which amazed me, and what was even more amazing was the lack of rebound desperate March hauling. Not yet, anyway!

Project Pan has been pretty interesting. I’ve found myself using products I wouldn’t normally use, and revisiting old staples that were languishing in the corner. I managed to get through another 10 products, including a few full-sized ones:

11. TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo – I’ve been using this once or twice a week when my hair gets greasy – it’s great for getting my hair really clean without leaving it feeling stiff or dry. Would definitely repurchase.

12. Vitafive CPR Frizz Control Conditioner This came with the shampoo I reviewed last time. It’s good if you like to go light on the silicones, but I found myself adding a heavier conditioner after this.

13. Bach Rescue Cream – I used this on some rough pole burns, but it didn’t noticably soften the rough skin after one application. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough to try it out for longer. It’s lightweight, and I’ve read that some people have had good results on irritated skin and rashes, so I’ll have to withhold judgement on it for now.

14. IKEA Tindra scented candle in glass (green apple) – I love IKEA candles! This was cheap, and now I have a tumbler. It smells like IKEA and since I love IKEA, it’s a win! 

15. Skin79 Super+ BB Cream Pink Label – I ordered a bunch of BB cream samples online and this is one of them. It’s supposed to be the BB lover’s BB cream, and I can see why – it’s lightweight, feels like a lotion but gives coverage like a foundation, and has some of that pore-hiding primer action. I still have a few packs of this, plus a mini tube, but I get the feeling I’ll be buying a full sized container when they run out.

16. The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture-Holding Seed Cream Chia’s finding its way all over my body! This stuff is a very light moisturiser, I’m guessing the chia extract acts as a humectant but it’s pretty far down the ingredients list. It smells good but I don’t think I’ll repurchase – it’s too light to for me to use by itself, and I didn’t really notice any significant difference while using it.

17. Aromatherapy Company candle in No. 7 Amber and Wild Lavender – I’m not a huge fan of floral candles, but the amber in this tones down the lavender. It’s not my favourite of the Aromatherapy Company candles I have (um, I have… a lot), but I liked it a lot more than I expected to!

18. My Beauty Diary Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask – Another of the cloth MBD masks I have. This has super cute packaging with cherry blossoms on the front. It smells more flowery than the other masks I’ve tried, and it itched a bit more (I had to take it off after 15 minutes instead of the recommended 20), so I’m guessing it’s not as allergy-friendly as the non-flower varieties.

19 & 20. Hydro-Minerale Aquatic Spa Therapy Collection Lemongrass Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Cream – These are gorgeous smelling travel-sized goodies left by my aunt when she stayed at ours after a cruise. They smell citrusy and herbal, and I’d buy the shampoo for the smell alone – the quality is pretty standard (i.e. great for a hotel product), but my hair needs stronger conditioner and it’s exclusive to the cruise line (Celebrity Cruises).

When I first started this Project Pan, I planned to go up to 100 products before buying anything new, but I think I’m going to have to buy products well before then (I’ve run out of full sized conditioners, for example, and am scrounging through a lot of sample packs). It has made me a lot more conscious about finishing products before opening a new one on a whim though, and my shower has never been emptier!

Have you ever been on a Project Pan? How did you find it?

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4 thoughts on “Project Pan Empties #11-20”

  1. You are inspiring me to want to start my own Project Pan; I have a whole cabinet full of samples and half-empties that could use some love! I would have to start small, though, or I’d be stuck without face wash while using up 1000 packets of conditioner…

    • It’s been fantastic for getting my butt into gear and using up things that would otherwise sit there festering – it’s surprising how much space my first 20 products took up!

  2. I’m having the same problem with my Project Pan… I’ve run out of SPF moisturiser but I feel like buying a new one so soon into the project will defeat the entire purpose of it! I’m also not using up samples, because I’m a hoarder and find them extremely useful for travelling. I’m afraid of using them all up and then being caught out.


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