Project 100 Pan: Empties 51-60

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The end of my project pan is slowly coming into sight! Here are my latest empties:

51. Garnier Clean Sensitive 2-in-1 Gentle Makeup Remover – This is my favorite 2-phase makeup remover. It gets rid of waterproof makeup without leaving behind an uncomfortable greasy residue. The bottle is also great, with a secure flip-top lid and a perfectly sized dispensing hole, which I’ve really come to appreciate since trying out other brands. Combined with the reasonable price, this hits HG status in the best way.

52. Vice and Velvet Black Jack Alley Body Mousse – I love this body mousse, with its light whipped texture and its intoxicating scent. The fruity blackberry is a bit too sweet for my tastes now, but the woody dry down is amazing. It’s the sort of lotion you can wear in lieu of perfume.

53. The Face Shop Cleansing Foam (sample) – This came with a Korean cosmetics order. I’m not too fond of these self-foaming formulas (you squeeze it out as a gel, but it slowly foams up, much like shaving gel), but this one’s OK. It does give a “squeaky clean” feeling I’m not too fond of though.

54. Lush Pink Fun (sample)* – Fun is a weird little product from Lush. It’s like plasticine that works as soap. Lush also recommends that you can use it as bubble bath or shampoo, but I haven’t tried those yet. Most of the time, this sat as a lump in a soap tray and slowly turned into liquid soap, into which I dipped my shower pouffe. I love the scent of this – creamy comforting vanilla and tonka bean.

55. Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser – I loved this cleanser for how it made my skin feel clean, plump and smooth, although it did leave it feeling a bit tight. It worked very well with my cleansing brush too, but I think it’s a bit too expensive to repurchase, with my budget!

56. Lush Cupcake fresh face mask* – This Rhassoul clay-containing mask smells like choc mint batter and made my skin feel lovely. It’s a bit messy to apply, and if you let it dry out on your face you’ll end up with chocolate flakes everywhere. It does contain cocoa butter though, which is quite comedogenic, so it may cause breakouts. It’s the first Lush mask I’ve tried and in quite impressed, so I’m looking forward to swapping 5 empty jars for a free mask!

57. The Aromatherapy Co Cocoa Vanilla & Cinnamon candle – This has a pretty generic creamy choc-vanilla scent. Nice, but not super exciting.

58. Laneige Strawberry Peeling Gel – My favourite Laneige product! This is an exfoliant that balls up to form scrubbing fibres, which I raved about back in 2012. I still love it, but I’ve found a replacement I actually prefer in Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel (slightly more abrasive). I also found that the scent gradually changed from delicious to plastic over time.

59. Beauty Essentials nail file – I used the hell out of this, as you can see! It’s a great standard buffer and it came from Priceline in a set of two. These have one coarse and one fine side, and I found that I hardly used the coarse side.

60. Baby Solutions baby wipes – I love wipes – they’re great for everything! Some things I’ve used these for: wiping grip aids off my body after pole, refreshing between showers while camping in summer, wiping makeup swatches off my arms, cleaning glass.

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6 thoughts on “Project 100 Pan: Empties 51-60”

  1. I love the Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser! It is expensive but it lasts for a LONG time. In the time it took for me to finish my 200ml bottle, my flatmate had purchased 4 Clearasil facewashes.

  2. Oh, you’ve got a product in there that I actually use! I also have the Garnier 2-phase remover, although in general I prefer cream removers, it is… less bad than most of the ones I’ve tried, I guess? Although I think my absolute favorite 2 phase is from Neutrogena.

  3. You’re doing so well! I’ve put myself on a spending ban slash project pan, I’ve even used up some old baby lotions.. were really nice on my legs before bed 😉


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