Lush Fragrance review – Big, Twilight and Furze

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Attention Aussie ladies! Lush’s annual forum special perfumes are available this weekend only at their online store – every year, the Lush forumites vote for fragrances to be made based on the scents from particular products, and the super limited edition perfumes are available online for a very very short time.

This year the options are Big, Twilight, Snowcake, Creamy Candy, Rose Jam and The Comforter, and at the Sydney Lush blogger event earlier this month, I got to sniff them all in person. I can assure you that they all smell just like their name sakes!

Lush kindly gave each blogger the chance to try out three products of our choice – I picked Big and Twilight, as well as Furze, one of Lush’s new range of Gorilla Perfumes which will be debuting in Australia in August.

Big is named after the volumising shampoo, and has the same scent which reminds me of flowing kaftans and white and yellow flowers on a tropical beach. The official notes are neroli, mandarin, orange blossom and vanilla absolute, which on me starts off refreshingly flowery with a slight citrus kick and fades slowly to warm, sundrenched. It lasts ages on me, and is a bit more floral than I’m used to – it’ll be too cloying for me in summer, but with the current cool weather I’m really enjoying how curly-locked, maxi-dressed goddess it makes me feel.

Twilight is a simple perfume with lavender, ylang ylang and tonka bean notes, based on the popular bath ballistic. At the beginning the lavender is big and flowery – even though I personally prefer a more herbal lavender scent, I do think a floral lavender is a better choice for a body fragrance. On my skin, the lavender shrinks back a bit after half an hour, allowing the creamier ylang ylang and tonka bean notes to come through. After about 6 hours, all that’s left is a comforting yummy vlose-to-the-skin tonka bean. I’ve been using this in the evening, and it’s super relaxing.

All the forum specials come in the same 30 mL black-coated glass spray bottles as the standard perfume line – as you might know, light speeds up the degradation of chemicals (both natural and synthetic), and blocking out light is one of the easiest ways to prolong shelf life. However, it does make it harder to gauge how much you’ve got left, and I’ve heard stories of the black paint running with the alcohol from the perfume.

Furze is my favourite Lush perfume ever. Yep, I’m declaring it – it’s amazing. I’m a huge fan of edible type flavours, and this mix of furze (aka gorse), mimosa, neroli, coconut and vanilla is seriously yummy. I wasn’t very impressed when I smelt it in the bottle, but after a few minutes on the skin it turns from blech into a warm woody, slightly leafy, very creamy but not too sweet scent, which turns comfortingly creamy and slightly nutty after the green scent wears off. I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrist in the shop, and it smelt even better when I left the heady scent of all of Lush’s other products. I even sniffed the hell out of my coat sleeve the next day.

The biggest con though, is the packaging – while I love the little screw top bottles with the cute label art, I wish there was an option for a spray bottle. That said, it’s nice to be able to control the amount of perfume I’m putting on. I’m looking forward to the proper release of the new perfume line in August – I couldn’t really appreciate the perfumes in the store, and I didn’t have enough arm space to try them all out. I’m definitely going to try Sikkim Girls, Voice of Reason and Sun out first!

What are your favourite Lush scents? Let me know which ones I should sniff next in the comments below!

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