French sunscreen and skincare purchases

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Sunscreens from French brands are a pretty big deal right now – they have a reputation for being well formulated (no grease! no white cast!) and include super stable and effective sunscreen ingredients. I visited France recently and hauled a whole bunch of French sunscreens to try, along with a few other skincare goodies. Most of these brands are available in Australia, although the exact product range differs. Here are some of the things I bought:


La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Comfort Creme (SPF 50+/PPD 42), Ultra-Light Fluid (SPF 50+/PPD 42) and Smooth Lotion (SPF 50+/PPD 34)

Bioderma Photoderm LEB Sun Allergies Spray (SPF 30/PPD 30) and Max Ultra-Fluid (SPF 50+/PPD 40)

Uriage Bariesun Creme SPF30  (I actually bought this last time around, but it fits in nicely here!)

These brands are all way cheaper in France than back in Australia – about half the price, plus there are lots of special offers which make them even better value. I think I went a bit overboard but I just wanted to try everything! I may be going back for more.

Other stuff

La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution and Hydreane Light – These two came as bonuses with the Anthelios XL Comfort Creme. I’ve tried a few micellar solutions and none of them have been able to budge my eye makeup so far. Hydreane Light has an ingredients list that looks like it might be good for my skin, so I’m very optimistic!

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast – I don’t think this version is available in Australia. It’s a balm that’s supposed to be amazing at helping skin heal.

Pharmacie Florit Creme Aux AHA – I’m probably most excited about this – my first compounded product from a pharmacy, and my first lactic acid product! Lactic acid is an AHA that’s supposedly
milder than glycolic acid. This lotion contains 11%. 

This cost me under 90 Euro! I’ve already started on the AHA, and I’ll be reviewing the sunscreens as I try them. I’m hoping my HG sunscreen is in there somewhere!

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11 thoughts on “French sunscreen and skincare purchases”

  1. I love French ‘pharmacy’ brands! Their ranges are so extensive, you are bound to find your HG sunscreen 🙂 I’m always ordering products from Europe just because of the cost factor… I will be looking forward to reading your reviews/thoughts on these product! 🙂

    • I was completely overwhelmed by all the choices in the pharmacy, but it’s lucky that everything is so much cheaper here compared to in Australia! So it felt like I was saving money, really 🙂

  2. Hello there, anjoy your new stuff! 🙂 Bioderma makes great sunscreens, indeed. My favoritis the AKN Version (although without Tinosorb S). Anthelios has way too much alkohol denat. Not good for every day use. Looking forward to your opinion!

  3. LRP Anthelios XL Fluid is amazing in terms of texture and formula. Their micellar solution is very gentle and mild. It probably won’t help you with eye makeup removal, but your skin will feel great.

  4. I loved your blog so much! And about this post I got that you have an oily skin so why did you buy wrong sunscreens, not for oily type? Bioderma and La roche made me comedons. I like Aknicare’s sunscreen and recommend;)

    • I’ve heard some people with oily skin mention that the sunscreens for oily skin didn’t work as well for them as the ones for dry skin, so I thought I’d try them all 🙂


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