Femme Fatale Cosmetics eyeshadow swatches and review

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I’ve been all over the indie polishes, but I’m still pretty new to the world of indie make up. Femme Fatale Cosmetics is pretty famous for being Australia’s indie distributor of choice and for its own indie polish line, but what always grabs me are their powder cosmetics. The little round images make me drool so hard! Best of all, you can purchase 1/8 teaspoon size samples in little plastic baggies with free worldwide shipping, so you can try them out before you commit – there are plenty to choose from, with almost 90 eyeshadows, 17 blushes and 8 illuminators in their current range.

Here are some eyeshadows I’ve been testing out – I’ve swatched them (from left to right) alone, over primer (my favourite Etude House Proof 10 primer) and with DIY foiling medium (see recipe and tutorial here).

Planeshift is a dusty teal with gold shimmer – it’s my favourite out of the ones I’ve tried, and comes from the Mistress of Dreams collection, which is full of vivid greens and purples. When wet ,the gold shimmer is very bold, but over primer the pretty green is more visible.

Pumpkin Shrine is a lime green with contrasting orange shimmer, from the Halloween Handful of Treats collection. I really like the interesting mix of colours in this, especially when wet.

Moonglow is a pretty pale blue with gold shimmer and subtle pink glow – it reminds me of the Models Own polish, Indian Ocean. It’s one of Femme Fatale’s best selling shades, and in my opinion deservedly so.

Moonstone is a sheer white shade with blue shimmer – I think this works best as an inner corner highlighting shade, or to add interesting shimmer over black.

Shooting Stars is another bold shade – it’s a pinkish purple I wouldn’t normally go for, but the striking blue shimmer makes it very unique.

Divinity is a subtle soft pink with warm gold shimmer – the shimmer really pops when it’s applied wet. I think this will be a gorgeous Spring eye colour.

Ancient Traitor is a cooler pale pink with subtle blue shimmer. I’d probably wear this as a highlight with a blue-themed eye.

While I can’t imagine myself using some of these shades on my lids (I’m still slowly exploring the full spectrum), the best thing about these powders is how versatile they are – many of them are lip safe, and are suitable for nail art as well (see Nail Gun XS’s pigment nails tutorial here for an example of how you can use them). I’ve got my eye on a lot of shades now, particularly the intense greens and purples. Femme Fatale’s eyeshadow listings also include handy suggestions for how to experiment with their shades (which colours they match well with and where on the lid to put them).

What other Australian indie makeup brands have you tried and loved? Enable away!

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6 thoughts on “Femme Fatale Cosmetics eyeshadow swatches and review”

  1. Femme Fatale has some wonderful complex colours – I have a whole bunch xD the only other Aussie-based indie seller I frequent would be Eccentric Cosmetics. They’ve just released some new shades, I have an order planned in a couple weeks. Apart from Pretty Serious, all the other Aussie indies I know of just do nail polish (Alanna Renne, Arcane Lacquer, Sayuri Nail Lacquer, Peita’s Polish) or are awfully over-priced (De Leon Cosmetics).

    • Buy a few samples I reckon 🙂 They’re really cheap, and last for a few applications (probably 3-7 by my estimation, depending on where you apply it and how messy you are).


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