Schick Intuition shaver review



This is a product for super lazy people – Schick Intuition razors lather and shave in one go, in case you’re finding it too hard to put soap on yourself. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually a bit tricky to lather with soap, then shave your legs before the soap gets washed away. Of course, you can turn off the water when you shave, but this winter has been bloody freezing in Sydney, so it’s not really an option.

Schick Intuition shavers are essentially a block of soap attached to the end of a 4 blade razor, with a nifty mechanism that ensures that the soap and the blades are level when you use it. I’ve found that the soap lasts about 2 months of daily/almost daily use, but I’m not particularly hairy, and I’ve read that some people do find that the soap runs out too quickly.


There are three varieties available: Sensitive Care (soapy scented), Renewing Moisture (fruity scented) and Pure Nourishment (my favourite, vanilla scented). Judging from the ingredients lists, all three varieties are essentially the same, except for the fragrances and the order of a few of the moisturising ingredients at the end (aloe vera juice, sweet almond oil). The ingredients in the block o’ soap:

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