How to Translate a Korean Cosmetics Ingredients List


A little while ago, I tried out Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap in Berry Mix Extract. It’s essentially a solid cleansing oil, which had me intrigued… but unfortunately, the ingredients list only existed online. In Korean. In JPG form. What’s a girl to do but learn Korean?

Luckily, Korean turns out to be a LOT easier than Chinese or Japanese, because it has an alphabet (Hangul), and the ingredient names are transliterations of the English words. So once you translate the word and read it out loud, it’s an approximation of how the English word sounds. There’s a fantastic comic called Learn to Read Korean in 15 minutes here (it’s a bit more complex than he makes out, but it gives you the general gist – there’s a more complex chart here), and a couple of Korean/English ingredients lists here and here, which I used liberally throughout this long and arduous journey.

Here’s the ingredients list:


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