My Lazy Hair Routine

My Lazy Haircare Routine - Luxcurly Hair Curler

My poor neglected hair. I’ve really tried to look after it, but unfortunately I have no willpower so I’ve been pretty slack. Luckily, I’ve found a few lazy ways to try to keep my hair OK with a minimum of effort!

Luxcurly Rotating Curling Iron

My Lazy Haircare Routine - Luxcurly Hair Curler

I’m still in love with the Luxcurly line of rotating curling irons for when I want curly hair but I also don’t want to burn my fingers or get DOMS from manipulating a wand around my head for an hour. The barrel spins with a touch of a button, so you can just clip your hair in, spin and it does the hard work for you! (You will still need to comb your hair and clip it and all that unfortunately – it’s not quite as good as a human hairdresser, but it’s pretty close!). Amazingly, it manages to make my stubbornly straight Asian hair hold a curl for hours, with the help of a ton of hairspray.

Nape Undercut

I’ve been using this Remington Barber’s Best Hair Clippers to give the boyfriend haircuts that are both cheap and don’t look weird. I think he got sick of me demanding a backrub for each haircut, so he convinced me to let him give me a nape undercut…just in time for winter. Oops! It’s a bit cold when I put my hair up, but it’s made my hair dry faster and feel lighter, plus it looks the same when I have my hair down or in a low ponytail.

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