My Current Makeup Routine

My Current Makeup Routine

I’ve always been a bit lazy with my makeup routine because I really, really like sleep. I’m the least morning person who’s ever morninged, so I’m only willing to sacrifice 15 minutes for makeup, max.

But I also really enjoy playing with makeup, so cramming in a bunch of products is also necessary! My current makeup routine has expanded to the following, which I’m pretty proud of because it stays nice-looking despite the Australian summer and my oily-ass skin.

Pre-makeup: Wash face with water, apply sunscreen (I’m currently using Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying, my previous fave was Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence). Use Pixi 24K Eye Elixir on puffy bags if I feel particularly nasty (the cold rollerball is almost as good as a coffee).

My Current Makeup Routine

1. Klara Cosmetics Reset Glow and NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12% mixed together as a glowy primer with a little Shu Uemura Face Architect mixed in if my skin is being naughty. I’ve also started trying Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone as well. Since my skin is quite oily I used to avoid any sort of illuminator to cut down on shine, so applying it all over is a bit of a radical departure. I’ve found that if I put it all over with a sponge and cover it up with powder later, it works really well to make my skin look glowy and healthy without making it look greasy. Here’s what the three illuminators look like alone. From left to right: Klara, Becca, NIOD.

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Physicians Formula Blush Reviews


Physicians Formula has a giant range of blushes, and they’ve just launched a bunch more here in Australia. Here are some of the new ones that I’ve been trying out:

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Custom Blush


There are two baked blushes in the Powder Palette Bombshell collectionBlondes and Brunettes ($21.95). Blondes is a cool toned pink with silvery luminous particles, while Brunette Bombshell is a warm peachy pink with gold particles. The particles are a little on the chunky side, but they give a pretty glow. They can be used wet for a deeper colour, but I hardly ever do.

The names – ignore them. The marketing spiel claims that it’s the “first ever blush to complement your hair colour” – unless they’ve invented a new pink, this isn’t strictly true. It’s the first blush I’ve seen that’s marketed to complement your hair colour, and there’s a good reason why no one else does this: it’s pretty much universally acknowledged that makeup should complement your skin tone, and that there are plenty of warm blondes and cool brunettes. They actually both look fantastic on me, with Blondes giving me a pretty cold-weather flush and Brunettes giving a summery glow, so I think they’re doing themselves a disservice by discouraging people from trying the other shade based on hair colour. The formula is really easy to use – it’s pigmented just right for buildable colour that doesn’t need much blending work (though it blends well if you need it to).

My favourite thing about Physicians Formula blushes is the packaging. I’m all about portable packaging for midday touchups (#oilylife), and these Powder Palette blushes come with a mirror AND a brush under the blush compartment! I do kind of wish that the blush and the mirror were in the same compartment for ease of application, but this arrangement keeps the mirror cleaner and makes the blush prettier to look at in the clear window, so I guess I’m OK with it. The brush is not the best, but it’s pretty good considering it’s flat as a pancake. I prefer using it downwards across the cheekbone in short strokes rather than in long strokes along the cheekbone.

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Blush


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