My Lazy Hair Routine

My Lazy Haircare Routine - Luxcurly Hair Curler

My poor neglected hair. I’ve really tried to look after it, but unfortunately I have no willpower so I’ve been pretty slack. Luckily, I’ve found a few lazy ways to try to keep my hair OK with a minimum of effort! Luxcurly Rotating Curling Iron I’m still in love with the Luxcurly line of rotating curling irons for when I …

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Luxcurly Lux Natural Curling Iron review


My hair does not curl. It’s just a fact of life that I’ve accepted over the years – I’ve tried curling with a straightener, with regular curling tongs, wire curlers, you name it – my hair just wants nothing to do with it. I recently tried sleeping in sponge curlers – as well as looking really dumb, it somehow actually …

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