Video: Favourites/Empties July 2017

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Video: Favourites/Empties July 2017

I’ve done another video! It’s becoming quite addictive, I’m liking the change of pace. This is my first review video. I talk about five products I’ve actually managed to finish, so they’re the cream of the crop when it comes to favourites. I try out a stupid amount of products for reviewing (way more than what actually turns up on my blog – some products just don’t excite me enough to write about), so finishing off products isn’t something I manage to regularly do. (Remember when I used to try to do Project Pans and finish off 100 products before opening new ones? HA).

The products I talk about, with purchase links (* means PR sample originally, though I’ve since purchased all of these again):

Check out the video here.

On the video improvement front, I’ve bought a backdrop that hasn’t quite flattened out yet. You can see the folds, I tried to iron it but got impatient, turned up the heat too high and discovered it was thermoplastic – it started acting like a Shrinky Dink so I gave up. Hopefully letting it hang in the sun will do the job.

I also moved the camera back a little and cropped the video to try to eliminate weird lens distortion (thanks to the Redditor who suggested this!).

I also tried filming my hands using products but it got a little clunky trying to reach around the tripod.

Also, how good do my eyebrows look? I got my brows microbladed about 3 weeks ago and will have my touch-up session next week, I’ll be posting all about that soon!

I’ve started planning my next video, and it’s another sciencey one with animations and bad analogies. I’m enjoying reworking my older content for videos – having some distance from those topics has given me room to reflect on them a bit more and discover new ideas and ways of thinking about them (and more terrible analogies… thinking up the right analogies for explaining everything ever is pretty much my drug of choice now). Hopefully it comes across in the video!

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    • I wish they did too! Their whole brand seems very well researched compared to most. I think they’re sold in Russia for some reason…?

  1. I’ve just moved from Sydney to Toronto and I’m so annoyed that they don’t have Daiso here because those cotton pads were my favourites and they’re so cheap! And I really like the sound of that SPF but the price is pretty extreme. Just curious, what do you not like about the Mecca sunscreens? They’re my favourites but obviously since I can’t get those in Canada either I’m going to have to start looking for something else once mine run out.


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