Spring Skincare Regimen 2: Moisturisers

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Continuing with my Spring skincare collection from yesterday! Here are some more products I’ve been using:

Coconut Oil – This is currently my main body moisturiser (along with using up the dregs of moisturisers for my Project Pan). Budget friendly and makes my legs feel great, but I think we all know the main reason I love it… it smells amazing!

NIVEA Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter* – I’ve convinced so many people to buy this, and I don’t think any of them have regretted it! Again, smells amazing, and NIVEA’s lip products are always so effective. You can tell how much use this gets from how worn out the tin looks!

Neutrogena Beach Defence Spray Sunscreen SPF 50* – I’ve wanted a spray sunscreen for ages, because I’m so sick of getting sand embedded in chunks of sunscreen I haven’t been able to rub in. This does solve the problem, but the fragrance is incredibly strong, so I’m only going to be using this at the beach I’m afraid. If anyone has recs for an unscented spray sunscreen, please let me know!

Help Me Ronda Cuticle Cocktail in Green Appletini – This is a handmade cuticle balm, and comes in three scents – my favourites are Green Appletini and Pina Colada. It keeps my cuticles looking nice even if I’m swatching all day! You can buy these on Etsy here, along with a variety of bath salts and facial serums.

NIVEA Sun Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50* – I love this, except for the aforementioned sand-chunking problem! It’s a bit difficult to work in, but the moisturising action stops any sort of burning feeling. The heaviness is a dealbreaker for the boyfriend though – it’d be great if this came in a Light Feel version too!

Uriage Refreshing Gel-Cream* – Along with the mask I reviewed in the first part, this was a surprise favourite! It makes my skin feel much plumper and smoother without making me look greasy, possibly due to the high thermal water content (30%). I use this morning and night now, and the only downside is that it’s pricey, though a little goes a long way.

Jeunesse Luminesce Daily Moisturising Complex with Sunscreen* – This is my favourite daytime SPF lotion. The range contains stem cell serum, and I’m still on the fence about whether it really works, but the formula is excellent. The container is a bit of a pain though – you twist the top section to get the pump up, but you need to hold the top in place to be able to pump the cream out, because it doesn’t lock.

Love Life Perfect Night Retinol Renewal* – This has the same annoying container as the Jeunesse product, but again it’s also got a really nice formula. Plus it contains retinol, one of the best researched anti-ageing ingredients available.

So there you have it, my spring/hot weather skincare regimen! I also dip into the products I’m trying to use up for my Project Pan as well.

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