Interesting nail facts

First off, the best and worst thing about working in a chemistry “wet lab”: We wash our glassware with acetone. On a productive day, I can go through a litre of the stuff! This means:* I always have acetone on hand for nail art – yay!* My polish is almost always messed up by the second day. Onto 8 interesting …

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NOTD: Pink and olive dry water marble

This is going to be a long post! This was my first attempt at doing a dry water marble, and I learned a LOT, so I decided to record absolutely EVERYTHING, even the things that should be really obvious. It took me hours despite reading everything I could get my hands on. Hopefully this will help any water marbling newbies …

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NOTD: Summer stripes, and Nail Polish Tag

We’ve had a few nice days of summer here, so getting into the spirit of things, I did a summery, stripey manicure. The stripes were painted on freehand with an eyeliner brush – even though it was a bit bumpy at first, a healthy coat of Seche Vite smoothed things out. <3 Seche Vite!     Purple – franken Green …

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Lab Muffin Guide: What’s in a moisturiser?

(Roger McLassus) We all know what a moisturiser does (it moisturises, duh!) – but what exactly goes in one, and how does it work? Skin dryness is, quite simply,  when your skin loses too much water (the technical term is transepidermal water loss, or TEWL). Moisturisers are used to slow water evaporating, and restore the original soft texture and look …

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Science bonus: Hair repair!

Yesterday, big name cosmetic science blog The Beauty Brains answered my question on which hair products actually repair (rather than just protect) your damaged hair! Check it out here.

Vitamin C – what does it do for your skin?

  (André Karwath/Aka) There are a lot of things that are supposed to be good for your skin. Today I’m looking at one that is in a lot of anti-ageing products, and has rave reviews on Makeupalley – vitamin C. Vitamin C (aka L-ascorbic acid) is essential in your diet – it has a lot of roles in the functioning …

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Review: Crabtree & Evelyn India Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Body Cream

SummaryMoisturising components – shea butter, avocado butter, mango seed oil, olive oil, grapeseed oilEffectiveness – a little goes a long way!Scent – “tropical green citrus”Packaging – lovely, heavy, durable containerPrice – $0.23/g This product has a mouthful of a name! It’s my favourite “indulgence” beauty product. And yes, it does great things for your cuticles too! I received this for …

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What the Hell Is pH?

Lab Muffin Guide: What the hell is pH?

One thing that a lot of cosmetic companies have recently been incorporating into their marketing talk is the concept of pH and pH balance. Yay science! But what does it all mean? Here’s a quick rundown on the science of pH, acids and bases, and what that means for your skincare products. What is pH? pH is a measure of …

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